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Driving safely with pets

Man’s best friend loves to go for a ride in the car, but an enthusiastic nudge from a nose or a big tail wag can interfere with your driving.

What to know about ABS on motorcycles

Motorcycles are running behind their larger road companions when it comes to antilock brake systems (ABS). This technology, which is now standard on all passenger vehicles, was only available on around 80 models of motorcycles and scooters in 2012. But this list continues to grow as ABS becomes a more popular feature. Here are things to consider about ABS on motorcycles.

Tornado safety tips

Tornadoes occur most often in the central United States, but touchdowns are possible almost anywhere in North America, including large cities. When a tornado does occur, it can strike with little warning, so prepare your family to take cover before severe weather moves into your area.

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